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Investment Reports


Weekly Growth



Total Growth


Total investments

$ 112,320

Current portfolio value

$ 116,590

Buyback / Burns

Buybacks: $ 12,981 / 15,889,935 BRO$
Burns: 239,172,205 BRO$ (23,91% of total supply)

Marketing Wallet / Reserves

$ 18,648

Current investment Report

All of the following assets are owned by the BlockRock community and were built using only collected transaction fees. Each BRO$ token reflects a share of the community assets.

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BRO$ Investors Room
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BRO$ tokens worth at least $250 must be held to access this group. In this group, members can submit investment proposals, discuss future investments with the community and vote anonymously on investments. Contact our team to join the closed groups.
BRO$ Portfolio Manager
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Access to this group is granted to those who hold at least $3000 in BRO$ tokens. In this group, all proposals from the “Investors Room” are processed, evaluated and approved for voting. Access is voluntary and the required number of BRO$ tokens can be changed by the community.

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GainSpot is another project of the BlockRock community. GainSpot runs exactly like BlockRock with the small difference that it invests more in risky assets and presales. This project is managed with the same care and brings BlockRock further incomes for buybacks and burns.
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