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Redefining Success Together. Discover BlockRock and the BRO$ Token!

Maximum transparency, fully community-driven and focus on the public good. BlockRock is a unique crypto community project aimed at reducing the power of large investors in the markets and distributing the resulting profits to the broader population. To achieve this, BlockRock is fully managed and controlled by the investors themselves, with all decisions made collectively and democratically. The key to success is the intelligence of the masses.

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How exactly BRO$ works

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BRO$ in Numbers

$ 0
Community Capital
$ 0 k
Market Cap

You want to buy BRO$ tokens but don't know how? Our members will help you personally.

Join our Communities

BlockRock & GainSpot

All important information is shared in the blockrock group. This group is public. In this group, members can submit investment proposals, discuss future investments with the community and vote anonymously on investments.

On our Discord server you will also find all important information and news about BlockRock and GainSpot.


All of the following assets are owned by the BlockRock community and were built using only collected transaction fees. Each BRO$ token reflects a share of the community assets.

Total Community Capital

$ 242,164

Buyback / Burns

Buybacks: $ 17,638 / 21,361,399 BRO$
Burns: 244,643,204 BRO$ (24,46% of total supply)

Community Assets & Reserves

$ 104,834

Weekly Investment Reportings

One of the key features of BRO$ is its commitment to transparency. The project offers detailed documentation that includes all important project developments and investment-reportings. This information is updated on a weekly basis to ensure that everyone is up-to-date on the latest developments.


Transaction Fees

Buy 8% | Sell 10%

Development 50%

50% of the transaction fees are allocated towards development. These funds are used for additional liquidity on trading platforms, marketing campaigns, and expanding the team. This helps to ensure that the project is constantly improving and evolving to meet the needs of its users.

Investments 50%

50% of transaction fees are made available for the community to invest in various crypto assets. The project has a well-defined investment strategy that allocates funds to different assets. The strategy includes 7.5% in BTC, 7.5% in ETH, 5% in BNB, 40% in ALTCOINS, and 40% in LPS. This diversified approach helps to minimize risk and maximize returns for the community.



Concept development

Team building

Website programming

Social media channels launch

Cryptocurrency programming

Private Presale

Start on "PancakeSwap"

500 BRO$-Holder


First Investments in farms and coins

First buybacks and burns

Audit CoinTool Blockchain Security

Merchandise Shop

1.000 BRO$-Holder

Profits from advertising revenue

CoinMarketCap Listing

Coingecko Listing

Marketing campaigns

$100.000 Community Crypto Portfolio


Launch GainSpot

5.000 BRO$-Holder

Increase of marketing campaigns

BlockRock App or DApp for votings

$250,000 Community Crypto Portfolio



10.000 BRO$-Holder

First investments in the real economy

Official Company (Not in the EU or USA)




Launch of the BlockRock blockchain

The first Bro Cafes in Germany, Austria, Switzerland

More real economy businesses run by the community

Planning of further steps

Experience the Synergy: GainSpot and BlockRock Hand in Hand

By catering to the desires of many investors for exciting and promising investment opportunities with GainSpot, we simultaneously generate additional revenues that benefit the BlockRock system. In doing so, we create a unique synergy between both projects, providing you as an investor with a comprehensive and versatile portfolio that offers both security and high growth potential.

Meet the Bro's

The team behind the project is continuously growing and working voluntarily to give BlockRock a structure. They have no advantages over a normal holder and work for the benefit of the community, not for their own personal gain. Every BRO$ token holder can also become an official team member.

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