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  1. General questions
  2. Decision-making process
  3. Contract
  4. Community assets
  5. How to buy

1. General questions

All three projects run with the same system.

Blockrock is the main project and is more focused on safety and larger projects in its investment strategy. GainSpot is the second project of the community and is more focused on riskier projects. Both projects run on the Binance Smartchain. Bros & Gains (BRAIN$) is an extension project and a mixture of BlockRock and Gainspot on Ethereum.

The system is NOT a Ponzi scheme. The community only invests the collected transaction fees and can continue to grow and stay alive even without new investors. Through buybacks and burns, the system continues to move forward.

Unfortunately, we do not offer staking. We would have to pay out part of our revenue as a reward for the staking. The community prefers to invest the revenue. The system invites you to hodl anyway and does not need to be supported by staking.

The main goal is to create a decentralized, collaborative investment platform in which every participant can have an influence. With the  mass intelligence, we are trying to generate profits on the crypto market and form a large influential community of many smaller investors. Power and profit distribution from the big to the smaller investors.

The majority of the transaction fees are made available to the community in order to invest them profitably in various projects. Another part is used to make the project better known worldwide and to develop it further.

All wallets are publicly accessible to
ensure maximum transparency. Reports are published every two to four weeks in which all
investment gains/losses, expenses and reserves are published.

Blockrock started on May 22, 2024

All investors benefit from the price increases generated by buybacks and burns. Thanks to mass intelligence, you won’t miss out on promising projects and will have to spend less time on research and market news.

2. Decision-making process

The Community makes key directional decisions, including trading activities
and utilization of profits.

Voting takes place in our DApps. BlockRock / GainSpot / BRAIN$

3. Contract

The community voted on this functions at the start of our projects and wanted these functions.
These functions are often used by scammers to steal from investors. You can also use these functions to protect your investors and the project. The only question is what you use these functions for. We have already been able to blacklist many stolen BRO$ and GAIN$ tokens using the blacklist functions and prevent thieves from selling them.

No, all projects have a max. Supply of 1 billion tokens.

All projects are deflationary. This effect is achieved through buybacks and burns,
whereby the tokens become increasingly rare and their value increases.

4. Community assets

The wallets are managed by the core team, team and selected community members. If you work on the project long enough and gain the trust of the community, you can also keep and manage community assets.

We usually take out our initial investment at 2-3 X (200-300%). Profits are realized in the bull run. We don’t sell everything at once but 5-10% per month. However, the strategy can always be adjusted by the community

5. How to buy

BRO$ & GAIN$ are currently only available on PancakeSwap. BRAIN$ will be available on Uniswap

The transaction fees for BRAIN$ and GAIN$ are 8% for buying and 10% for selling. The transaction fees for BRAIN$ are 6% for buying and 8% for selling.

To guarantee that transactions are executed, you should set the slippage to 10 when buying and 12 when selling. Pancakeswap always needs a certain amount of leeway. 

Unsere Gruppen

Whatsapp Kanal & Gruppen

Alle wichtigen Informationen werden in den Blockrock Whatsapp Gruppen geteilt. Diese Gruppen sind öffentlich. In diesen Gruppe können die Mitglieder Investitionsvorschläge einreichen, zukünftige Investitionen mit der Gemeinschaft diskutieren und anonym über Investitionen abstimmen.

BlockRock & GainSpot

Alle wichtigen Informationen werden in der Blockrock News Gruppe geteilt. Diese Gruppe ist öffentlich. In dieser Gruppe können die Mitglieder Investitionsvorschläge einreichen, zukünftige Investitionen mit der Gemeinschaft diskutieren und anonym über Investitionen abstimmen.

Auf unserem Discord-Server finden Sie alle wichtigen Informationen und Neuigkeiten rund um BlockRock und GainSpot.